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To apply for a grant

We are always interested in new projects and an application can be made anytime during the year. The Foundation does not accept any applications for the time being due to an ongoing strategic review. All applications will be initially reviewed if they are in line with the Foundation’s objectives and priorities such as aimed at children, youth, education and health. The board meets four times a year to review and approve projects. All applicants will be informed by e-mail or letter about the status of their application.

Donations from the Foundation are normally granted for projects running over a period of one to three years.

If a submitted project is already receiving financial support from other organizations (foundations, authorities or similar) this should be outlined and specified in the application.

Recipients of donations are required to report to the foundation on a regular basis about the project’s progress, without particular request from the Foundation.

The Foundation does not make contributions to individuals or projects that do not have clear, defined and measurable objectives.

An application must provide information how the project is going to be financed beyond the Foundations involvement.


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 af Jochnick Foundation
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